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First batch of flubbers! Shoot me an email if you’re interested in getting put on the list for one. Only green available. Piotr will be auctioned and the pink slyme is a special order. ‼️and don’t forget I’m doing a giveaway for the first one too!! look back 6 photos for rules, giveaway will end tomorrow at 9pm mountain time‼️#flubber #pendants #pendantsofig #robinwilliams


For the sneaker heads, some of the incredible work of glass artist Adam Whobery. I love this man’s art! Who wouldn’t want to take a dab from these kicks?

Heady Glass Art Blog

(Source:, via ckrilly)


‼️GIVEAWAY‼️so I hit my 2222 followers mark recently and here is the giveaway I promised. This is my tribute to the great Robin Williams. He gave so much to me as a child with all his movies. Flubber being one of my favorites as a child. Rules for entering are simple. Two entries per person. Repost this picture. First entry I want to hear what your favorite Robin Williams movie/stand up joke is. The second entry can be about whatever. Must be following me, tag me in the post, and hash tag #sandlotglass14giveaway and #RobinWilliamsGlassTribute. I’ll pick a winner within the next week just so everyone has a chance to enter. ✌️

Doing a giveaway on my Instagram for this flubber tribute pendant in honor of Robin Williams. Go follow for the rules and a chance to win IG: @sandlotglass

Didn’t really fit but heres another shot that @dangerdurhamphoto took of my N8 pendants.

#paintball #gun #dabber shooting a paintball at supersonic speeds! Haha


Say what?!?!  #havingfun #paintballgun

Not only did I get to snag this beautiful lady pendant from @theglassfish13 but also got the privilege of watching one be made. Thanks again man for all the knowledge. I love this piece!!! #sexy #naked #relaxitsjustglass #assandtitties #datassdoe

Kid boo Sherlock pipe I made the other day

Anonymous asked: Glass blowing has always interested me. how should i, if i decide to try it, learn how to do it properly?

Take a beginning to borosilicate class at your local arts center.

Anonymous asked: Where can I get 1?

Get one what?


Made some pokemon theme glass today

#trifEctA  #spindleadaptor #45 #45s #45rpm #dj #recordart #record #records #spider #spin #spintheblackcircle #dmc #bizmarkie #franchini #murrini #millie #millionaires #800k #40k #lovEglAss #lovelife #battle #scratch #music


Recent dry pipes. The green ball on the spoon moves around.

These were fun to make


Last nights Sherlock